Vornado Evap3 Whole Room Humidifier Review


There are so many brands of humidifiers available in the market. Finding the best product is quite tricky considering there are many choices to choose from. This is introduced you to one of the most reliable names in the humidifier world. The Vornado vortex evaporative humidifier is the only technology that combines the proven reliability of evaporative humidification. This will result in a uniquely effective means to create a comfortable living space.

Features of Vornado Evap3 whole room evaporative humidifier

Here are the features of the Vornado evap3 whole room evaporative humidifier.

  • It is light when compared to other products and makes it easy for it to be carried around.
  • There are a number of benefits of having a large tank considering with longer runtime when compared to a smaller tank.
  • This tank produces a surprising 2.6 gallons of mist every day.
  • Vortex fans circulation and an electronic humidistat. This makes it possible for it to be able to distribute mist evenly throughout the room.
  • This offer a precise humidity control for your optimal comfort
  • This device is easy to use and maintain and humidifier has a removable tank. This tank can be easily detached from the humidifier and carried to the sink.
  • This device has push buttons with led light controls and it is easy confirmation of settings.

When it comes to the comfort of using this device, there will be 3 fan setting. It is going to extend the life of your filter. This filter will be replaced at least after a week. This is an excellent product for a single room operation. This device covers a large area and you can definitely come to enjoy its service. This is one of the best humidifiers in the market.

User Reviews

Keith Bouchard – It works great it’s located on the first floor of our house and humifies as hoped. The only drawback is there is no light to indicate when it runs out of the water and does not shut off when it’s empty. The water tank is see through. Therefore it’s not entirely necessary to have an indicator light.

Henry Wolford – I have the two-tank, 4 gallons Vornado and have for may years. The best room-size humidifier. Remember to use only distilled water and add the bacteriostat solution. I have had my filters last three years without mold or crusting. I bought this one and gave it to my mother-in-law. This one is smaller but works as well. The reservoir is a simple lift the lid and pours proposition instead of mine which is a bit more complicated. For a smaller bedroom, the tank size on this is fine and you likely just fill it every day.

Felix Culpacec – Works fine. Have had it for only three weeks or so. Humidistat is fairly accurate compared with a stand-alone hygrometer. Fan makes some sound and you know it’s running. Easy to remove/fill/replace tank which has a convenient built-in handle.

piere87 – We have a very large bedroom, and it gets very dry in our area (even in the summer). I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and would wake up with nose bleeds and feel awful because of the low humidity. This humidifier has been a life saver. I no longer wake up with nose bleeds, and it keeps our room around 45% – 55% humidity, which is perfect for when our little one comes and will be sleeping in the room with us. The high setting is louder, so I only run it on high during the day, but the low setting is barely audible, so it is perfect at night. The LED lights are bright at night, but I just put tape over it and don’t think it is a big deal. My son also has a vornado humidifier in his room (Vornado Baby), and it has been working perfectly since we got it nine months ago. I love this brand and have been very impressed with their products so far.

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