Lower Back pain When sitting: Causes and Treatments

Though lower back pain is a not a serious health disorder, it is quite an often heard complaint right from school goes to teens and elder adults. 

There are n numbers of factors that cause lower back pain, but most of the cases come with one single common point of ‘bad posture‘ and then could be an unexpected accidental injury or trauma. The other major causes are that of muscle injury and joint distraction. Muscle injury mostly happens in the muscles present in and around the shoulder area.

When any injury happens to the joint muscles present in the shoulder, the glen humeral joint (which connects the lower arm with the torso spots), leads to severe pain in the lower back. Glen humeral joint is the steerable joint that applies for its role in the whole body is the stable. But when any weakness happens to such joints will result in unspeakable pain, and also leaves the person dumb with the inability to ride, to hands up or down and any other hard jobs.

But to meet such weakness, the shoulder joints are made up of strong muscles that support for wide movements. Such muscles do also cover the lower back portion of the human body, thus if any injury or a ‘wear & tear’ happens to such muscles lead to acute pain and discomfort in the lower back.

Lifestyle Causes

There are few lifestyle causes which play a major role in fetching prolonging pain in your body throughout the lifetime. They are off:

  1. Lack of regular exercises
  2. Extreme exercise with incorrect techniques
  3. Overweight or obesity
  4. Too much of sitting posture
  5. Incorrect posture or bad posture
  6. High levels of stress and anxiety
  7. Lifting heavy weights

The other foremost reasons of getting lower back shoulder pain are medical positions that are disc prolapse, disc bulge, trapped nerve, ‘wear & tear’ of the spinal columns et al, which require certain medical therapy treatments to get rid out of them

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

If the pain is because of simple muscle sprain or partial muscle injury, then a cold massage of ice cubes to frozen peas are enough too subtle the pain. Also, any good pain reliever can be applied on the affected area (be sure not to be rubbed heavily). Oral medication is recommended on an upper consideration level with a combination of painkillers include but not just limited to diclofenac, ibuprofen et al.

And when you any prolonging or persisting pain, it is better consulting any Ortho specialists or Physiotherapists for right kind of treatment. Their treatments could be of manipulation of joints either by medically or manually (exercises) as Active treatments to strengthen the muscle for improved elasticity, core stability and range of motion. The other side of Passive treatments is off: deep tissue massage, hot & cold therapies, Ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

Did you have a lumbar support cushion office chairs? If you didn’t, you should have one. It will help you relax your lower back. Read What is the best lumbar support for office chair by Health Essential for suggestions.

Apart from all the above, study your body well, which you only can know that. When you know the temperament of your body will help you to extend yourself on strength supplying tasks.