Dry Skin Relief: A Few Ways to Quench Your Largest Organ

Dry Skin Relief

One of the easiest and cheapest parts of a dry skin relief regimen is drinking water. Water is what keeps the body hydrated. Every organ requires water and the skin is no exception to this. When the body begins to dehydrate the skin does as well. The lips become dry and cracked; the skin begins to lose its smoothness becoming dry and uneven.

Dieticians and nutritionists recommend drinking 8 – eight-ounce glasses of water per day. This is roughly a gallon of water daily. Since the body requires so much water to be adequately hydrated, drinking the appropriate amount of water daily is a constant in a dry skin regimen.

Moisturize at Bath Time

Moisturizing during or after bath time sets the pace for the day. If you prefer taking baths then pouring a capful of baby oil or any type of bath oil in your bath water will moisturize your skin while you bathe. For those who prefer taking showers, while the skin is still wet apply baby oil, bath oil, or massage oil all over the skin. Pat or air dry so that the oil can absorb into the skin. For extreme cases of dry skin applying a lotion or cream with jojoba, almond, olive, or coconut oil to the skin may be needed. Your skin should stay sufficiently moisturized throughout the day.

Another way is to give your skin humidity via using room humidifiers. Check out Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin by Health Essential if you want to buy one.

Extra Steps to Quench Parched Skin

Always keep a moisturizing lotion on hand in the event you need to reapply lotion to the skin. A good lightweight lotion that moisturizes skin effectively is Neutrogena’s Body Lotion in their light sesame formula. This lotion can be found in many drugs, grocery, and discount department stores.

When taking a bath or shower the type of body cleanser used can actually strip your skin of the moisture it has. There are plenty of moisturizing bath soaps and shower gels on the market. Dove beauty bar is a good choice in bar soap that is gentle to the skin. Shower gels or body washes that are made for dry skin are best to use. Two great choices are Avon’s Skin So Soft Signature Silk Creamy Body Wash and Oil of Olay’s Body Wash plus Body Butter Ribbons.

Another bath time step which can aid in relieving dry skin is exfoliation. This procedure should not be done more than once a week. Exfoliating the excess dry skin from the body reveals the new skin underneath which is primed to receive the moisturizing products you use. This also helps your moisturizing products to work more effectively.

Daily Regimen

Drinking plenty of water and using moisturizing products are the key to dry skin relief. Find the right formulas that work best for you. Sometimes you may need to alternate as the season change. Stick to your regimen to keep your skin well moisturized and smooth.